Schedule is subject to adjustment!


3:00pm:  Arrive and get settled into your rooms

5:30pm:  Supper in the Cafeteria 

6:30pm:  Session 1 in the Chapel: Bring your Bible!

7:30pm:   Small Group Time (You’ll be given instructions on where to go)

11:00pm: In rooms doors closed 

               (Please Get some sleep!)


9:00am:    Breakfast in the Cafeteria 

10:30am:  Session 2 in the Chapel:  Bring your Bible!

11:30am:  Small Group Time

12:30pm:  Lunch in the Cafeteria

1:30pm:    Laser Tag & Bazooka Ball opens. Free Time:  Check with your counselors on where you can go  

3:30pm:     Bazooka Ball & Lazer Tag Closes

4:00pm:    Short Session 3 in the Chapel: Bring your Bible!

5:30pm:    Supper in the Cafeteria  

7:00pm:    Session 4:  In the Chapel! Bring your Bible!

11:00pm:  In rooms doors closed


8:00am:    Breakfast in the Cafeteria

9:00am:    Final Charge in the Chapel:  

                 All luggage should be packed and out of your rooms. 

10:00am:  Leave for home