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Departs: September 1, 2024 
Returns: September 8, 2024 
Price: $1,500 – Plus Airfare

Deadline to Sign up: March 31st

Payment Deadlines:

  • March 31 $250
  • April 14 $500
  • April 26 $332

Length of Assignment (Days): 9 days

Pathway Requirements: General Adult Team – A short-term trip for adults for varying lengths.
Purpose: Projects for literature distribution and evangelism during the Paralympics 

Setting: Paris France

Cultural: Dress is modern clothing. Shorts are not typically worn as often in France as in the States and general styles differ. Public transportation throughout the city is widely available and effective. In some cases, a vehicle may be available for use, but the majority of your travel will be done on foot and by local transport (on the metro, trains, trams and buses.) Expect to walk an average of 12,000-15,000 steps per day (approximately 6 miles).

The French love their food, especially their cheese and wine. They love their language, and every effort should be made to learn as much as possible while here. They are generally a more formal culture than the US, and effort should be made to greet others with a hearty “Bonjour” before each exchange.

To what degree France has a primary religion, it is probably an open agnosticism with mixes of secularism, catholic culture, spiritualism, and a growing Islamic population (largely limited to north African immigrant communities). Many French people would tell you that their grandparents were Catholic, their parents left the church, and they just don’t really have an opinion. Evangelical Christians comprise less than 1% of the population in France. On average 1 evangelical church (of all denominations) exists for every 29,000 residents. Evangelical church sizes range from dozens to hundreds but would more often than not be below 100. While in the past, religion has been considered dead and dying in France, recent history shows a new trend of openness, especially among younger people. In the past few years, some 30 churches have been planted annually. Much of this energy is sustained by foreign mission influences but championed more and more by national leaders.

Paris is a global city, and you will encounter peoples from a multitude of nations, languages, cultures, and religious backgrounds. Be prepared to leave behind any prejudices or preconceived notions. We want to represent Jesus in every interaction as we strive to share the gospel.

Health Conditions: Extensive walking

Health Considerations: Participants on this trip should expect to do plenty of walking and climbing of stairs in the summer heat – with a minimum of 12,000-15,000 steps taken per day. Typical temperatures during the summer months in Paris include daily highs in the upper 70s (*F) and evening lows in the lower 60s (*F). However, there are generally heat waves that spike periodically for days or weeks at a time which can see temperatures rise to the 90s or even 100s. AIR CONDITIONING IS RARE.

Gender Preference: Males and Females

Qualifications: All participants should be born again baptized believers who are living lives of holiness and actively making disciples.